Free competition is a cornerstone of the market system. Its advantage is in the flexible response to any changes in the development of new products and services, in distribution of goods, in consideration of the consumers’ interests, etc. However, in addition to fair competition, there exists unfair competition, which seeks to make a profit through fraud. And the fraudulent activities affect not only consumers, but also decent law-abiding businessmen.



1. Identify the presence or absence of a confusing similarity, misleading of the consumers, infringement of the Advertising Act, or causing damage to a company’s goodwill (this is the typical wording of phrases that are most often used in the category of lawsuits involving the unfair competition). Your specific situation may be clarified with our Free Services (a preliminary expert evaluation and a pilot research).

2. If a fact of violation is confirmed, please contact us or your advisor for assistance; we will choose a strategy for further action and collect evidence for a court trial.

Правовая защита от недобросовестной конкуренции

Для правовой защиты от недобросовестной конкуренции необходимо доказать факт нарушения, а именно совершение одним из производителей действий, нарушающих федеральный закон «О защите конкуренции» ( в том числе статьи по недобросовестной конкуренции).


To classify any actions as violations and to implement legal protection against unfair competition, the facts of committing the deeds that breach the law must be proved, namely:
• the competitors run their businesses on the same commodity market;
• rivalry and competition between them is present in this marketplace;
• one of the manufacturers committed actions that breach the law.

The Sociological Examination Laboratory applies flexible techniques of research for unfair competition and formulates the research dependent upon which governmental authority the results must be presented.


You can see the legal precedents in the protection of competition and using the sociological research as evidence in such lawsuits. Some of the most interesting cases against unfair competition for which we carried out the research are listed below:

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