Our customers have a unique opportunity to optimize their survey costs. They can order a block of questions to be included in the periodic monitoring survey among consumers of mass market products and services. Our Laboratory carries out monitoring measurements once every three months. The questionnaire of any monitoring wave may include questions on notoriety, confusing similarity, unfair competition, misleading of consumers, assessment of IP owners’ losses, distinctiveness, compliance of advertising with applicable law, damage to goodwill, homogeneity of products and services and any other survey topics. See more information on the service page.


This website lists only sociological surveys that customers order the most. However, a sociological survey may have other purposes. We are ready to analyze your situation and provide recommendations for the type of service you will need.


The Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences is a Russia’s largest research centre in this field. It is working on improving sociological survey practices. In 2012, the Sociological Expert Examination Laboratory, with cooperation of our colleagues from Yury Levada’s Analytical Centre, the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre and Lomonosov Moscow State University, developed a draft methodology for sociological surveys to determine whether or not there is confusing similarity. The text of the draft may be found here. The methodology was presented at the sociology section of the “Continuing Grushin” Conference and in a number of our publications. We would be grateful for any comments or suggestions with respect to the draft methodology.


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ТThe text of certain publications may be found on the Publications page.

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